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Travel Business Academy

Build the next generation online travel company. Start a travel business; mobile travel app, member-only travel, private sale, flash sale travel website, trip operator, tour operator, travel agency, destination activity businesses, tour guide, guide, travel blogger and travel broker.

You can start a travel business in any country in the world. Grow your current travel business to the next level. Join the Travel Business Academy a professional online course (Do-It-Yourself) that you have access to 24/7. Learn how to start a travel business at your own pace on your own time. Matt Zito a travel business expert and successful online travel entrepreneur created the course and materials.

At the Travel Business Academy, you will learn to develop your travel business idea into a unique travel brand for your new travel company, selling a travel product or vacation package, to a targeted core niche traveler or niche travel destination, with contractual agreements directly with travel suppliers.

The Travel Business Academy is open to anyone, worldwide. The program can be applied no matter what country you live in and no matter where you want to operate your business.

Get in on the ground floor of the next big wave in travel. The NEW mobile travel apps, social e-commerce travel, travel deal websites also known as the daily deal, private sale, flash-sale, member-only sites and travel blogging are just some of the types of travel businesses you can start.

The Travel Business Academy includes:

*5 online start up, business development and marketing modules. Go through each module at your own pace and build your travel business from the ground up. You access all the content through a login ID and password.

*Downloadable worksheets that take you through proven business start-up processes. The worksheets help you assess and strengthen your idea for success.

*Access to the Travel Business Academy member forum, where you can network with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

*Training videos, marketing reports, and the Travel Business Library packed with educational resources about the travel business.

*Sample contracts and travel supplier pitch letters used to conduct business. Our members in 2013 told us that this one resource was worth the membership alone.

*Membership to the Travel Business Academy is a lifetime membership after you pay the one-time fee.

Costa del Tennis Launches Tennis Vacations to Spain in 2013.


Rhonda Costa of Costa del Tennis is a member of the Travel Business Academy. She just launched her website in 2013 and you can view it here. The site has a great design and a high-end look & feel.

Costa del Tennis sells adult and collegiate tennis vacation packages to Spain that include 6 nights lodging in a 4 star boutique hotel with 5 days of tennis. The package includes tennis instruction and coaching from some of the most elite coaches in Spain, video analysis, a half-day tapas tour and complimentary dinner at a favored local restaurant. Prices range from $2,600-$3000.

I recently interviewed her on the phone and asked her what the top three benefits of the Academy were for her.

Rhonda Costa:

“Start up modules #1 & #2 really helped me get focused, the worksheets literally rained me in. I would write on the worksheets then come back later and continue to refine the business. The more I removed and started simplifying the business the more focused I was able to become. This gave me confidence and helped give me momentum.”

“The Forum was the second most valuable component of the Academy for me. After I read something, I could refine in my worksheets then if I had a question I could post it in the forum and you would answer it for me.”

“The travel library is really, really valuable! I am now writing contracts with boutique hotels. I am originally not from the travel industry so its been challenging for me but the travel definitions and sample contracts helped me understand the language used when dealing with travel suppliers.”

Matt Zito:

I am really proud of Rhonda Costa!  She has persevered and is now on her way to building a successful travel company. If you are new to the Travel Business Academy or are just visiting the website to learn more, I’d like to comment a little about what Rhonda said regarding how the Travel Business Academy has helped her develop her new travel business.

First off, start up modules #1 & #2 include worksheets that you download and can print out. The worksheets are for you to write down your business idea. You then go thru the modules and learn how to develop your business, so that you have a travel product that gives you the best chances of succeeding. The worksheets are to be edited and updated just like Rhonda did. So over time she went back to the worksheets and refined her business. Some call this simplifying or going lean. We help you learn how to simplify and make your product offering lean and focused.

The Forum and Travel Library are resources that you will have access to and not find anywhere. As a member of the Academy you can post questions and I will answer them. The travel library has sample contracts that you can view that will help you when it comes time to write agreements with travel suppliers. The library also has many documents about the travel industry including travel definitions that are used by hotels and other travel suppliers. So even if you are not originally from the travel industry like Rhonda, don’t worry, we will teach you everything you need to know like a seasoned travel professional.

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